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Event Studio


Summer Edition 2017

Sleepover Worldwide is an event series that the visionary, photographer and creative director Rebecca Jurgens calls "The Best Girl's Night Out!" With the help of blogger, event host and planner, Kryss Cole, these women came together as the Boss Babe Collective to create a night of fun, networking, and great entertainment.


No cigarettes

808's & Artbreak

The Kickback is a creative collective based out of the city of Birmingham, Alabama. Their goal is to provide a platform and foster an atmosphere for the creative community here in Birmingham and surrounding areas. With “No Cigarettes”, the show's aim is to create an environment with great vibes for people to enjoy, a stage for local artists to highlight their craft, and support the new black owned retail space in the city.

The Exhibit Series

by Miyako Studios

Gallery I

Gallery II

The Exhibit is an event series that provides a platform for creative artists here in Birmingham to showcase their talents. With curating events, my goal is organizing and executing impactful experiences that not only provide opportunities for the creative community but ensure the donation of money and/or necessities to local charities in need. I am proud to be able to give back in multiple ways and provide a space for creatives and non-creatives to come together.


Gallery I: The Mixer was a showcase featuring local painters, photographers, musicians, spoken word artists, and singers. Over $1000 in proceeds were donated to the Lupus Foundation in honor of my cousin who is a Lupus Warrior.


Gallery II: The Cypher was a creative networking event that contrasted the genres of hip hop & poetry in a live head-to-head confrontation. Local painters & photographers also exhibited off their work and proceeds were donated to the Sickle Cell Foundation in honor of a friend who is a Sickle Cell Warrior. 





Serving as a community outreach initiative and online platform dedicated to creating a community of artists; DoReMe Media Group is an online platform and community outreach initiative dedicated to creating a community of artists and encouraging crucial conversation as a means of propelling culture forward and challenging one’s perspective.  


Vibes & Virtues is a platform to experience art and music in a unique way while creating a dialogue among unlikely strangers that can lead to powerful conversation. Vibes & Virtues comes from a place of uncertainty. We never really know what we're doing, we're only always trying to figure it out. Life is art, and art is an ongoing conversation that we all contribute to. The artist chooses to be aware and the conformist chooses to speak. 

Stephen Smith Fine Art Gallery, January 26, 2018


The first Vibes & Virtues was an Interactive Audio Art Exhibition featuring multi-disciplinary works, installations, live renderings, and music performances. This exhibition brought together a diverse spectrum of demographics to create a social platform that used the arts to stimulate relationships, encourage pivotal conversations, and challenge perspective.

The exhibition features works by Carey Fountain, contemporary sculpture artists Andrew Glover and Hunter Vroonland <>; painters Devonte Holt <>, Andy Jordan <> and Moses Pressnell <>; works by Steven Mark <>, Travis Rice <>, printmaker Britt Terrell <>; and photography works by Giani Versace <>, Joi West <>, and Tara Stallworth Lee <>. Musical performances will include Carey Fountain <>, Kakashii <>, Folly of Youth <>, YB Intl, <> Bknott <>, Kudoz <>, and D. Horton.


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