writer | photographer | dancer | collaborator | servant

Hello there! My name is Sheleka Laseter, and I am a creative artist in Birmingham, Alabama. I have been involved in photography for over 9 years, and it is a passion that allows me to really capture the essence of my subjects and create a timeless and notable experience. I was initially inspired to pick up a camera by a close friend, who was also an amazing portrait photographer. His unexpected passing motivated me to pursue photography as a professional career.


Through photography, I have had the opportunity to network with various creatives in the city of Birmingham. To me, creating is how we show the love and appreciation of the gifts that God has blessed us with. Therefore, Miyako Studios is not only an entity that provides quality visuals, but also a hub where creatives can gather and generate magic. My purpose is to spread love, foster creativity, and inspire individuals to pursue their dreams and aspirations.


I also have a passion for studying different people and cultures. I currently hold a Bachelor’s in Anthropology from UAB and a Master’s in Museum Studies from OU. I wanted a way to combine all my passions, thus one of my initiatives called “The Exhibit” was formed. It is an event series that provides a platform for creative artists here in Birmingham to showcase their talents. Ironically, because of this, I was asked to join and help form a creative/service/faith-based nonprofit called The Regenerate Society, Inc. We are a team composed of various creative businesses ranging from photography and entertainment, business development and event planning, to web/graphic/fashion design and app development. Our goal is to unify our city and help others identify and mold their God-given gifts, all while serving the community in the process.